My Core Values



I am genuinely curious about people and their lives inside and outside of therapy. A foundational attitude of mindfulness that inspires curiosity in me is bringing a beginner’s mind to each moment. I believe this holds true when sitting with a client. Although a person’s reason for coming to therapy might be “anxiety” or “depression,” no two people are the same. Each person and experience is unique and offers unique possibilities. Each person has their own personality and lifestyle. In my life, I strive to be a curious and compassionate friend, therapist, sister, mother, and wife.



I have hope that everyone can make positive changes to their life to lead a life worth living. Although people might be at different stages of readiness for change, I have hope that deep down all people want to change and have the capacity to change. I am a hopeless hopeful!



Resilience is having the ability to overcome difficulties in our lives. It is having the ability to navigate the sailboat in the storm of our lives. I believe in the resiliency of all people. I have sat with individuals who have experienced a variety of challenges in their lives and I am constantly in awe of the resilience and courageousness of people.